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How to maintain the stainless steel reactor?
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Maintenance of stainless steel reaction kettle should be noted that after each operation, the body and sealing surface of the kettle should be removed with cleaning fluid residues, the use of cleaning fluid should be careful to avoid corrosion to the main material, and should always be cleaned and kept clean, do not allow the use of hard materials or rough surface of the goods for cleaning. Now do you understand? This is the same as our rice cooker, to maintain good, we must adhere to the right method, has been done.

Finally, what should we pay attention to?

1. Attention should be paid to explosion protection when installing the reactor, and many reactors should be separated to ensure good ventilation.

2, the choice of heat transfer oil must be the corresponding type, and can not contain water to join.

3. After installation of the reactor, nitrogen pressure, ensure that no leakage can start work, if there is leakage, use soap foam to find the leakage of the pipe mouth and pipeline, find out the gas tightening, nitrogen pressure.

4, can not arbitrarily adjust the metal burst. When metal bursting discs are blasting, they need to be replaced. Attention should be paid to the convex face of the rupture disc when replacing the metal burst.

5. After the reaction is finished, the gas in the kettle is cooled and discharged to the outside through the pipeline, so that the pressure in the kettle can be reduced to normal pressure, and the main bolts and nuts can not be removed. Then the kettle cover is removed and placed on the bracket, and the sealing surface is protected when the lid is removed.

I hope to help you, thank you.

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