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Real Ocean Marine Service Co.,Ltd
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Real Ocean Marine Service(HongKong) Co.,Ltd is a professional company specialized in ship maintenance services and spare parts supply.Established in 2010, the company has been focusing on marine parts, supply, maintenance and renovation, providing professional services and high-quality products to the world shipping market.The company has close cooperation with global ship equipment manufacturers such as diesel engine, license factories and OEM parts manufacturing plants, and also has a very good cooperation on air compressor, air conditioning, water pump, purifier and turbo charger etc.For diesel engine brands include MAN B&W, SULZER, WARTSILA, YANMAR, DAIHATSUI, CUMMINS and China's own brand diesel.The main products of diesel engine are piston, cylinder cover, cylinder sleeve, water jacket, exhaust valve, tubing, hydraulic pipe, indicator valve, safety valve, packing.According to customer requirements, the company can supply OEM parts produced by original factory parts and diesel engine license factory and can provide LRS, GL, DNV, ABS, CCS and other classification society certificates.At the same time, the company also has experienced engineers and technicians, can provide professional ship maintenance, spare parts renovation services.

Real Ocean Marine Service Co.,Ltd
Address:No.1539 Shang Chuan Road,
                Pu Dong  New District, Shang Hai,200120
Mobile:+86 13701618698
Mobile:+86 15021110262